APTA Academy of Clinical Electrophysiology & Wound Management

Student Special Interest Group (SSIG)

Students Special Interest Group

The mission of the Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) is to:

  • Provide students a professional network with those who share a passion for wound management, electrophysiology, and diagnostic ultrasound.
  • Provide a format for social interaction between PT/PTA students of different schools, colleges, and universities across the nation.
  • Increase active participation and student engagement in the Academy for future participation and Academy leadership.

The SSIG is free for all ACEWM members and we are always looking for students to join our Council of Officers! The SSIG is designed to help you learn more about focused topics that may not be thoroughly explored in your physical therapy programs curriculum. The SSIG thoroughly values mentorship and has designed a mentorship program pairing interested students with a current clinician working in your area of interest.