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2021 House of Delegates Update - Packet 1

2021 House of Delegates 


Upcoming Dates
  • July 2: House Reports Published
  • July 16: Deadline for Submitting Candidate Interview Questions to Regional Caucus Leads
  • July 23: Last Day for Component Interviews with Candidates

Action Needed - Deadline: July 16 - Candidate Interview Questions

Virtual candidate interviews will return in 2021 with a revised format where each candidate will take part in two separate interviews that focus on different topic areas: 1) the association and leadership, and 2) the profession. The development of interview questions will be facilitated via regional caucuses.

Delegations should work with their regional caucus leads to develop questions for each of the two topic areas.

Now Available - Packet I Posted

Packet I containing 13 motions, including a motion proposed by the Special Committee to Review APTA Bylaws and Prepare Amendments (SCB) to amend the APTA bylaws by revision, as well as 10 proposed primary amendments to the SCB’s revision, has been posted to the House Resources file library. Individual motions in Word format have also been made available.

  • Amendment Submission Form
    All proposed amendments to motions published in Packet I, including replacement language from motion makers, must be submitted using the Amendment Submission Form found on the House Hub. Delegates contemplating amendments to motions should communicate with the motion maker and the Reference Committee liaison as soon as possible.
  • Packet II
    The deadline for submission of amendments and replacements for Packet II is Sunday, August 15, 5:00pm ET. Please submit motions via the Amendment Submission Form. Packet II will be posted for delegates on Friday, August 20.
  • Virtual Motion Discussions
    No formal motion discussion groups will be arranged this year by the House officers. Motion makers wishing to convene a discussion group regarding their motion(s) may do so in whatever format they wish and may communicate that information on the House hub. A Virtual Motion Discussion Facilitation Guide developed to help structure these discussions will be found in the House Resources file library.
  • Cosponsor and Consent Calendar
    Chief Delegates will use the Cosponsor Signup to indicate cosponsorship of a motion and the Consent Calendar Signup to register support for a motion to be placed on consent. Links to these documents will be found in the Motion Making Documents and Resources file library. The deadline to recommend motions   for placement on the Consent Calendar is July 30. The preliminary Consent Calendar will be posted on August 6.

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