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Integumentary/Wound Management Curriculum Recommendations Updated

The Academy is happy to announce completion of the 2014 updates to the APTA ACEWM Wound Recommendations July 2014 Updates.  Originally approved by APTA in late 2007, the 2014 revisions were completed and accepted by APTA on July 17th. This document was primarily designed to assist entry-level physical therapist education programs in developing integumentary curriculum.  Academy representatives have delivered two well-attended one-day Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) preconference sessions for educators over the past five years based on these recommendations. It is our hope that by keeping this document up-to-date, it will serve as the “go-to” reference for educators when planning curriculum, clinical instructors in planning integumentary experiences for students during clinical rotations/internships, and for informing students regarding entry-level expectations in integumentary care.

As this document has been utilized and referenced in the Academy’s ABPTS petition to establish a wound management specialty, it also appears these recommendations are also being used to inform other stakeholders regarding entry-level integumentary content. The next review cycle is slated to begin sometime in 2020.  At that time a call for volunteers will go out to the membership for new/additional Task Force volunteers.  A big “thank you” goes to the current review cycle Task Force: Harriett Loehne, Luther Kloth, Karen Albaugh, and Karen Gibbs.  Additional appreciation goes to Lisa Culver, APTA Clinical Practice & Research, and Jody Frost, former APTA Lead Academic Affairs Specialist, for their assistance in the review and approval process.


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