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WMSIG Member Highlights

Time has quickly flown by since CSM!  Since then, I continue to look back on our WMSIG meeting and am proud of our members.  During the meeting, we learned of the many activities that our members have been involved in.  I thought that it would be nice to do member highlights throughout the year to let the Academy know about what the WMSIG members have been up to!  So, here are a few, we heard about.

  • Daryl Lawson, PT, D.Sc., received a grant.   The North Carolina Biotechnology Center awarded him a $100,00 grant to develop a medical device that uses heat and electrical stimulation to treat people with non-healing diabetic foot ulcers.  Congrats to Daryl!  We look forward to seeing what comes out of this project.
  • Deborah Wendland, PT, DPT, PhD, CPed, was part of a team that published an article, titled Health promotion, wellness, and prevention in hand therapy: A survey study. The article was published within the Journal of Hand Therapy.  She continues to work on projects similar to this that may impact wound management physical therapists and looks forward to sharing the information with the group!  Keep an eye out.
  • Eddie Traylor, PT, has been busy doing presentations over the past couple of years. He presented at the past CSM on the Evidence Based Management of Tinea Pedis and also at the NEXT Conference in June 2016.  The topic at the NEXT conference was Evidence Based Management of Stevens Johnson Syndrome Beyond Wound care.  Thanks to Eddie for helping to fuel our members with Evidence Based Practice!
  • Harriett Loehne, PT, DPT, CWS, FACCWS, our Academy President, has been busy with various activities other than what she does for the ACEWM. One of these activities includes an article she wrote for PRESENT Wounds, Ostomy and Continence, a website for nurses and therapists that provides educational opportunities.  She wrote an article on the topic of wound irrigation.  Thanks for all you do, Harriett!

I wanted to extend another shout out to all the WMSIG members that recently presented at CSM 2017 and those that continue to work diligently with our Task Forces.  The WMSIG Council is thankful for all of our members that continue to work to support our practice and SIG.  Every little bit counts!   Have you done something recently that you would like to share with the group?  Let me know!  Feel free to email me at lisa.cabral16@gmail.com.  We’d love to hear about it and share it with the group.  It doesn’t have to be just wound related.  Anything that promotes and helps our profession as a whole is wonderful.

Look forward to hearing from more of you about the great things you have done!

Lisa Cabral, PT, DPT, CLT, CWS
Chair of the WMSIG Eric Berry Jersey

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