APTA Academy of Clinical Electrophysiology & Wound Management

Wound Management Specialization Update

The Academy is pleased to share some extremely good news – on May 23rd the Section received ABPTS preliminary approval of our petition for a physical therapist wound management clinical specialization!

This is preliminary because there are still several hurdles we must clear. ABPTS will notify all APTA

sections of the decision and will schedule an open hearing at CSM 2019. The tentative date for the open hearing is the evening of January 24th.

We encourage everyone interested to attend and support this effort. The Academy will let everyone know once the date and time are confirmed.

If the hearing goes well, ABPTS will then vote to send our petition forward to the June 2019 House of Delegates with a motion for final approval. Many, many ACEWM members worked on this petition at different times over the past few years. Some of the major contributors retired during this process or will retire soon. Our past ACEWM President, Harriett Loehne, spearheaded this phase of the project.  Should we receive final approval in 2019, this will be a wonderful legacy for these clinician leaders to leave for future therapists!

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