APTA Academy of Clinical Electrophysiology & Wound Management


Leadership Team - ACEWM


We are readily available to assist you in any way. Please feel free to contact us at  info@acemw.org to find out  how active   ACEWM membership can help you reach your professional goals. Members of our Board of Directors are identified with an asterisk (*) next to their title below.

Karen Gibbs Karen Gibbs President*
Stephanie Woelfel Stephanie Woelfel Vice President*
Dimitrios Kostopoulos Dimitrios Kostopoulos Secretary*
Rick McKibben Rick McKibben Treasurer*
Elaine Armantrout Quinn Millington EMG SIG Chair*
Daryl Lawson Daryl Lawson BPA SIG Chair*
Melissa Johnson Melissa Johnson WMSIG Chair*
Mohini Rawat Mohini RawatNMSKUS SIG Chair*
Michelle Jamin Oscar Estrada Student SIG Chair*
Weiqing Ge Weiqing GeC0-Membership Chair
Vicki Buchanan Vicki BuchananC0-Membership Chair
Karmen Weinzirl Karmen Weinzirl Education Chair
Deborah Wenland Deborah Wenland Program Chair
Gregory Ernst Gregory Ernst Research Chair
Teresa Bachman Teresa BachmanCommunications Chair
Teresa Bachman Nicole KappenhaverNominations Chair
Gregory Ernst Nichole Walleen Executive Director