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Biophysical Agents Special Interest Group

Biophysical Agents Special Interest Group


2024 BPA Elections Are Beginning. 

The BPA SIG Nominating  Committee has received nominations for the 2024 Slate of Candidates.    The deadline to submit  a nomination was   April 15th .  If you have questions, please    email    Thomas Nolan, the BPA SIG Nominating Committee Chair at thomas.nolan@stockton.edu.  Thank you for participating in this crucial process!

We are proud to present  our current 2024 Slate of Candidates:

Chair:  David Levine

Curriculum Vitae     

Administrative Officer:  Rita Ator

Curriculum Vitae

Nominating Committee Chair:  Tom Nolan Jr.

Curriculum Vitae

Cast Your Ballot:

To be directed to the ballot please click on the ballot button below.    You must be a member of the BPA SIG to have your ballot counted.  Please have your APTA number available as you will need it to submit your ballot.  Thank you for ensuring a valid election!

The election will begin May 1st and end May 31st.  Please stay tuned for Bios and CVs.  Ballots will be delivered via an e-blast in your email.  Please have your APTA number ready to submit your ballot.  Thank you!

►BPA SIG Potential Candidate Form

Open SIG Positions:

Duties and Responsibilities: Preside at all meetings of the BPA SIG. Submit an annual report to the BPA SIG and the Academy. Attend BPA SIG general membership meeting and the BPA forum at CSM. Correspond on issues regarding BPA with external groups. Work with the Association staff regarding BPA. De facto BPA SIG committee member (except the Nominating Committee). Member of the Academy Board of Directors; abide by the duties of Academy Board of Directors.

Administrative Officer:
Duties and Responsibilities: Record the minutes of all BPA SIG meetings. Submit the BPA SIG business meeting minutes to members and to the Academy within 30 calendar days. Maintain the BPA SIG list serve. Update BPA member contact list. Serve as the BPA SIG historian.

Nominating Committee Chair:
Duties and Responsibilities: Non-voting Council member. Shall appoint at least one other Nominating Committee member. Present the open officer positions electronically to the BPA SIG membership and post these officer positions on the Academy’s website. Prepare a final slate of one or more nominees for each office for which an election will be held. Post the names of the winners of the election electronically to the BPA SIG membership and post on Academy’s website.


The purpose of the Biophysical Agents Special Interest Group (BPA SIG) is to serve as a resource and forum for individuals who are interested in the use of electrotherapy and other biophysical agents as part of the management of patient/client medical conditions.  The Biophysical Agents SIG will facilitate networking, mentoring, and sharing of resources for all individuals interested in these technologies.

Get Involved: 

Join the BPA SIG

The Biophysical Agents Special Interest Group (BPA SIG) is free to members of the Academy and provides a forum where individuals interested in electrotherapy and other biophysical agents as part of the management of patient/client medical conditions.   Members who have joined a SIG receive publications and information about programming, practice, education, and legislative matters specific to the SIG. Only members of the Academy can join a SIG.

Educational Guidelines

We actively are working on updating the Educational Guidelines from 2007. The updated guidelines will reflect updates in the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice, the newest version of The Normative Model of Physical Therapist Professional Education and the most recent evidence supporting the use of biophysical agents . The current guidelines can be found via the link below.


Emerging Technologies: Dry Needling

In January of 2012 the APTA Department of Practice and APTA State Government Affairs published a document regarding the use of Dry Needling (a.k.a. trigger point dry needling or intramuscular manual therapy) by physical therapists. The document provides background information for state chapters, regulatory entities, and providers who are dealing with this issue.