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Professional Mentorship

Professional Mentorship Programs


Would you like to learn more about the areas of physical therapy practiced by members of this Academy? Or, are you an established practitioner who is ready to share their knowledge and experience with others? The Academy of Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management has a Mentoring Program designed to help you!

This program is designed for clinicians at all stages of experience, from PT/PTA students, to new grads, and also for those experienced therapists looking to expand their clinical practice knowledge. This program empowers our members (PTs, PTAs, SPTs, and SPTAs) to take responsibility for their professional development through the support of an experienced and established physical therapist mentor.

In this program, the learner is called a "Mentee"    and the clinician providing the guidance is the "Mentor".    Are you ready to begin your journey to increased knowledge and skills? Read "How it works"    and follow the "Instructions for prospective mentees"    sections below, and follow the link to fill out your form to begin. If you are looking to become a Mentor with the Academy, follow the "Instructions for prospective mentors"    below.

How It Works:

  1. The Academy  maintains a   List of Mentors (below) who are physical therapy experts in clinical electrophysiology, biophysical agents, neuromusculoskeletal  ultrasound and/or wound management in the areas of practice, clinical education, research, and/or teaching.
  2. Mentees can search the list  and identify a Mentor with whom they would like to make contact. The Academy    will help to make the introduction.
  3. Once the introduction takes place, it is up to the Mentee and Mentor to establish the framework and ground rules of their relationship.

Instructions for Prospective Mentees:

  1. Complete this   Mentee form   and send it to the Academy’s   executive office.
  2. You will then search for a mentor. Select up to 3 mentors, in order of preference, who would fit your mentoring needs, and send us that list to include each individual's contact information.  We will reach out to the first mentor you’ve identified.  We allow  no fewer than 10 business days for a response before reaching out to the next mentor on your list.  We will continue this process until we can confirm the availability of one of the mentors to contact     you.
  3.  Please note – you may also wish to take advantage of the Academy’s listservs in   EMG and Wound Management    (for members only) as well as our    Facebook    page, as alternative options   for your mentoring.

Instructions for Prospective Mentors:

  1. Complete this   Mentor Form   and send it to the  Academy's   executive office.  
  2. You should receive a confirmation message and your information will be added to the searchable list of mentors.  We do not share your contact information in this list.
  3. You may be matched with a mentee quickly. However, it may take longer to receive a mentoring request, depending on the interests of our mentees.
  4. We ask you to make contact quickly with your mentee and establish plans for how the mentorship relationship will work best for you both.  The process of mentoring him or her should naturally fall into place after this.
  5. Don’t be discouraged if your mentee makes only one connection with you, as some only have one or two questions that can be addressed in one discussion.

Mentor List

Name Area Work Experience
Renee Cordrey Wound Management
Interests: Documentation, Clinical Education and Research
Research, Academic, Inpatient, Acute Care, Long Term Care, Outpatient
Anne Gallentine Wound Management
Interests: Administration/policies and procedures, Clinical Education
Inpatient, Outpatient
Rose Pignataro Wound Management & Biophysical Agents
Interests: Resume Development/Specialty Certification, Clinical Education, Research
Academic, Inpatient, Acute Care, Home Health, Outpatient
Karen Gibbs Interests: Education Academic, Inpatient, Acute
Thomas P. Nolan Jr., PT, DPT, OCS Biophysical Agents (BA)
Interests: Outpatient Management
Academic & Outpatient
Leon C. Romero, PT, DSc, OCS, ECS Clinical Electrophysiology (CE)
Interests: Documentation, Specialty Certification. Resume Development, Outpatient Management