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Editorial Board

Mohini Rawat PT, DPT, ECS, OCS, RMSK

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Mohini Rawat PT, DPT, ECS, OCS, RMSK

Letter from the President of ACEWM

Stephanie Woelfel PT, DPT, CWS

A Look Back as We Move Forward

Karen A. Gibbs, PT, DPT, PhD, CWS

2023 Entry-Level Physical Therapist Curriculum Recommendations for Integumentary/ Wound Management

ACEWM Official Document

Original Research

Comparison of electrically elicited quadriceps torque: burst modulated biphasic pulsed current (BMBPC) versus the Kneehabā„¢ XP garment stimulator

Wayne Scott, MPT, PhD 1, Cheryl Adams, PT, DSc1, Kolby Arnold, DPT1, Courtney Doyon, DPT1, Benjamin Holmes, DPT1, Benjamin McGinnis, DPT1, Gregory Pike, DPT1, and Richard Sukiennik, DPT1

Attitudes, perceptions, and expectations of a student special interest group in student members of a professional organization in the United States

Michelle Jamin, PT, DPT1, Weiqing Ge, DPT, PhD2

Case Series

COVID-19 Vaccination Related Lymphadenopathy as a Cause of Acute Shoulder Pain: A Report of Two Patients

Beshoy Ghaly, PT, DPT, ECS, RMSK1; Sarah Quintillan, PT, ECS2; Ryan Boggs, PT, DPT, DSc, Cert VRS3; Michael Ross, PT, DHSc, OCS, FAAOMPT