APTA Academy of Clinical Electrophysiology & Wound Management

CSM 2020


2020 Business Meeting and Social 

Click here to see the photos from the 2020 Business Meeting and Social held during CSM 2020  !

Thank you  to the moderators for the Educational Sessions at CSM 2020:

Sonya Dick                                                       John Tawfik
Karen Bock                                                      Brian Odom
Meryl Gersh                                                  Lynda Kennepp
John Eddy                                                        Jennifer Gardner-Harbison
Eddie Traylor                                                James Bellew
Thomas Nolan                                           Kate McKenney
Greg Ernst                                                        Karen Smith
Leia Richardson                                     Neely Sullivan
Annette Tagliaterra


Preconference and Education Sessions Abstracts from CSM 2020

Preconference Sessions

Show Me the Value:  Evidence-Based Clinical Decision-Making and Application of Biophysical Agents:  Pain Management - Selkowitz, DM, Freemen L, Herziger C, Ochoa SL


Educational  Sessions

Riddle Me This: What is the Toughest Movement System Examination? The Integumentary   - Bock KJ, Dyson JJ

Breathe Easy and Follow Your Heart: Evidence-Based Clinical Pathways for COPD and CHF - Dunlap JM, Campbell J.

Stretch Your Mind and their Skin:  The Role of Elastic Taping in Wound Management - Samuels NR

Integration of Clinical Exam, Diagnostic Testing, and Treatment, part 1:  Cervical Radiculopathy - Kostopoulus D, McKibben RJ, Brooks ME

Integration of Clinical Exam, Diagnostic Testing, and Treatment, part 2:  Neuropathies of the Upper Limb - Kostopoulus D, McKibben RJ, Brooks ME

Entry-Level DPT Wound Management Education in Hybrid Format: Considering the Possibilities - Bachman TR, Gagnon KL

Upper Extremity Nerve Pathology: Localizing the Lesion for Optimal Management - Rawat M, Aramantrout EA

Foundations of Wound Care Staff Education:  What Clinicians Need to Know - Sullivan N, Tagliaterra A

Demystifying th Evaluation of Brachial Plexopathy to Enhance Patient Treatment and Outcomes - Greathouse DG, Ernst GP, Shaffer SW

What's That Button Do?  Optimizing Pain Control and Strength Gaines with Biophysical Agents - Allen AK,  Body YJ

Neuromodulation:  Evidence Treatment Options Available in PT Practice - Alon G

Movement System Considerations for Wound Prevention and Management - Pignataro RM, Porter JG

Managing Pediatric cases Complicated by Open Wounds - Odom BH

Is Section or SSIG Membership for You? What They Offer to Student and New Graduate- Jamin MA, Gil JS, Medefindt GM, Downey MB, Slicki MA, Mital K, Chukwuocha K, Lorant K, Massumi CJ, Parazo EE

Consumer-Centric Activity Trackers and Telehealth's Vital Role in Value-Based Physical Therapy Care (APTA FiRST Council - Lee ACW, Russel T, Smith J

Neuromusculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging - Rawat M

Evaluating the Diabetic Foot with Diabetic Foot Ulcers - Biven T, Green EA, Richardson LD