APTA Academy of Clinical Electrophysiology & Wound Management

EDX SIG Nominations and Elections

The 2024 EDX SIG Election Cycle has Begun. 

We are in the nominating phase of the election cycle.    The 3 positions open for the 2024 election cycle are listed below.    If you would like to nominate  a peer or self-nominate, please contact our EDX Nominating Chair, Nancy Mansell at Nancy.s.mansell@gmail.com.      Please submit a CV and Bio with the position that you are interested.

To submit a nomination online, click HERE.

  • Chair   
  • Administrative Officer  
  • Nominating Committee Chair

Duties and Responsibility of the Officers


  1. Preside at all meetings of the EDX SIG.
  2. Submit an annual report to the EDX SIG and the Academy.
  3. Attend the EDX SIG General Membership meeting and the EMG Forum at Combined Sections Meeting.
  4. Correspond on issues regarding clinical electrophysiologic physical therapy with external groups.
  5.  Work with the Association staff regarding clinical electrophysiologic physical therapy issues.
  6. De facto EDX SIG Committee member except Nominating Committee.
  7. Member of the Academy Board of Directors; abide by the duties of Academy Board of Directors.

Administrative Officer:

  1. Record the minutes of all EDX SIG meetings.
  2. Submit the EDX SIG Business meeting minutes to members and to the Academy within 30 calendar days.
  3. Maintain the EDX SIG list serve.
  4. Update EDX member contact list.
  5. Serve as the EDX SIG historian.

Nominating  Committee Chair:

  1. Non-voting Council member
  2. Shall appoint at least one other Nominating Committee member



Regular meetings: The Council shall meet in person or by any means of communication by which all participating members may simultaneously

hear each other during the meeting at least two (2) times per year.

Individuals who would like to run for office need to be nominated by May 10, 2024.  Self-nominations encouraged, as well as nominating peers.

Elected individuals will begin service on July 1 of 2024.

Please email the EDX Nominating Chair, Nancy Mansell, at Nancy.s.mansell@gmail.com if you are interested in nominating yourself or a peer for any of the above positions.