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PT Wound Warriors - Submit Your Case Study Proposal

PT Wound Warriors

Case studies are a great way to both learn from your wound care colleagues and present interesting clinical experiences. We are calling for all wound care practitioners to present a case at a recurring meeting of the APTA WMSIG. These case studies can teach evidenced based treatment, highlight new modalities, and share notable outcomes, new products, or complex wound etiologies. The case studies are not limited to novel approaches or rare wound etiologies. Treating a common wound etiology with a different approach, or using standard of care to achieve an excellent outcome can be valuable education for your wound care colleagues. This series is meant to be inclusive for practitioners of all levels of experience from student/novice clinician to veteran wound warrior. If you have a patient case to present to your colleagues, please click this button to submit a case study proposal in  3 - 5 sentences or an abstract.

Click here to submit your case study proposal